• Image of Mini Scented Oils Set

A set of mini scented oils, featuring Corvidae's five signature apothecary blends: Rose, Meadow, Visions, Forest and Luna. Made with essential oils in an apricot oil base. Each scented oil is in a 5/8 dram vial with dropper seal. Set comes in a reusable cotton sachet.

Signature blends:

ROSE // Rose absolute, rosewood, and bergamot.

MEADOW // Lavender, bergamot, cardamom, lemongrass, and cinnamon.

VISIONS // Frankincense, cedarwood, black pepper, and nutmeg.

FOREST // Fir, cedarwood, juniper, spruce, ginger and lavender.

LUNA // Lavender, sage, rosemary and ginger.